Jan. 22nd, 2017

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“Glee is at the center of the pop zeitgeist, from many years ago, and you are producing popular music. And there are things that the ear unconsciously expects. Especially when you’re not a musician and you don’t care about the frequencies of things, you know, you just go, give me dessert. And that’s not a bad thing, to me. I will say, all the singers on that show - with all of my love and respect to our producers who had the hardest job on that show, because they had to, from scratch, because they weren’t given the stems from the original sessions. They had to build everything, from scratch, and like, produce full-on, ready-for-iTunes records, like seven or eight times a week constantly for like six years. I mean, that is madness. That is inherently absurd and unfair. So, a lot of these guys who are great singers, things are comin’ out, and they have to sound a certain way. And, you know, I think sometimes they did capture some really great things, and sometimes, you know, it changed. I mean there were times I felt like, really tuned, but I would thank god because I was sick that day or something like that. You know, cause I too have to go in and sing however often that I would have to. And you’re album-ready every day, you know, and that’s insane. You know, if I was a recording artist like Nat and we had a, ok, we’re recording this record in March, and I came in with a sinus infection, they’d be like ok well let’s hold off, let’s wait ‘til you get better and let’s get this right. Because, this is forever. You know? It’s only forever. So yeah, I’d like to tell people though that a lot of the singers, sometimes I’d hear something and I’d go like, oh man! Like, I wish people could hear you the way that I hear you. Like, you are a good singer.”
- Darren Criss (via jenndesq)


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