Jan. 21st, 2017

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blfarber #LetsBeEmo & #DarrenCriss scheming a couple things for 2017! 🤘🅿️📻
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character i love: shows up on screen for the 49th time
me, pointing, for the 49th time: [either softly or loudly] they're here
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“What really freaks me out is when you see young singers, I’m talking about like eleven years old, singing with an affectation of a Katy Perry or something, and doing sort of a faux accent, almost? [“But isn’t that how people, young people find their way into the songs and into singing?”] Exactly. So, my guy that I tried to - I mean, I tried to sound like Paul McCartney as a kid. Like, straight up. Like, I wanted to sound like Paul McCartney. So that was a huge influence on how I sing now. [“Because it gave you a way to sound like someone you could sound like?”] Exactly. Not too dissimilar from like how we were talking about. People listen to records and go, I could do that. I mean, I didn’t think and nor do I ever think I would be able to be Paul McCartney, but he was the one that I associated myself with. You know, like, he had like this rounder kind of gravely, but he’d be like rock and roll when he wanted to, but he could be sweet if he needed to, and I always tried to emulate that. My voice is a mix of a lot of all my favorite singers and me trying to sound like them. Especially the people I don’t sound anything like, like Rufus Wainwright, for example. You know, that’s a singer and songwriter that hugely shaped the way that I sing and write songs.”
- Darren Criss (via weirdostarkid)


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